Mortal Kombat Legends Battle of the Realms Review A larger and faster tournament

Little more than a year after being treated momatal kombat legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, _ we already have a new chapter in the animated story through _mormatal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Reinos. This film is bigger, possibly more bloody and as busy as the first. Sometimes also fight with problems that afflict the first, as the enormous immensity of the universe of Mortal Kombat, but intelligently expands its horizons for (mostly) look beyond any character while having enough fan service to avoid being authoritarian.

_Batalla de las Realos, _ How would fans of mortal Kombat, do not lose time in reaching action. As a new restart of Batman or Spider-Man, we immediately receive a story of origin from Liu Kang that does not even follow his course before the ocular balloons begin to leave the heads and the bodies burst into pieces. They are background stories and brutalities from the beginning, a promising opening for all spectators, regardless of their familiarity with the wide list of mortal Kombat.

The prominence of Liu Kang in the film is related to previous projects of Mortal Kombat and, on the surface, it is almost annoying to stand out from highlighting Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage in the first film directly to Liu Kang. Batalla of the kingdoms However, avoid focusing too much on a particular character to offer a broad look at his characters EarthRealm and Outworld.

This creates a landscape that feels much bigger than the revenge of scorpion _, _ but has the cost of rhythm. He handles things like the Kuai Liang / Bi-Han / Sub-Zero relationship in a concise and clear way, but that is largely due to the fact that it is explained at the beginning of the film. Depending on how familiar is with Mortal Kombat, talks about being unique and other origins of the characters arrive quickly enough so that it rarely has time to process the information before moving on to the next introduction. Making juggling with multiple perspectives that occasionally cross, similar to what we saw in _the revenge of the scorpion, it helps things do not become too messy.

But as well as an Outworld fighter, he does not need to know the name of his Earthrealm opponent to fight against them, he does not need to know the story of each character to enjoy the battles of him. An organized tournament in Outworld is as visceral as it sounds, and fights and fatalities do not disappoint. Batalla de los Reinos It doubles into things like X-ray hits and key phrases that honor the original material and give the characters their great moments without distracting too much. Actor Fred Tatasciore also makes a great performance as Shao Kahn and provides the ferocity that Outworld needed to be considered such a fearsome region.

The final act of the film moves away more than Mortal Kombat and feels more like an anime-style end, but not so much as to lose sight of it is a movie of mortal Kombat in the first place. The instances of armor of the plot that protect some characters and not others are quite remarkable at times, but the fast rhythm of the film again compensates that by not making up too much time to question things.

Batalla de los Reinos It feels very different in general the revenge of scorpion, so it is difficult to say which is better than the other. One is much more an introduction to Mortal Kombat in general, while the other assumes that viewers are entering this with a knowledge that allows greater freedoms with their stories. Both have their merits, but if you are just here for the fights, batalla de los Reinos is the way forward.

It even makes less sense to compare this or the revenge of the scorpion to the live action film that premiered this year, but there is something special in what is done with these characters in this lively half. Is able to capture the uniqueness of the list of mortal kombat through the expressions of fighters, movements and pure brutality of everything, and although the mortal Kombat Legends series has not perfected the whole act of converting everything into a movie Compact, it’s a story in which it’s worth investing until that happens.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

MoTal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Reinos Releases in Digital, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack on August 31.

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