Gamescom 2021 DoKev Korean MMO with super graphics that puts an old blow to Pok mon

And when a veterans studio attacks a video game monument like Pokémon by offering a more than credible competitor, we sit, and we observe carefully.

It is therefore a mmo in open world where the population rubs shoulders with all cute creatures called Dokebi . A bit like Game Freak, it will have to capture these dokebi, collect them, and use it during fights against big boss hogged. The difference with Pokémon is that there is no question of offering a game to simplistic graphics so that all turns on Switch.

Here we talk about a title developed on a proprietary engine that sends steak , and that will be able to use the PCs and the last generation consoles. As we discover it in the trailer, the game is not struggling in visual effects, with pagaille particle, a nice display distance, full of light games, and rather pleasant to the eye.


Of course, all this is packed with a colorful and sweet artistic direction, in order to seduce an audience as wide as possible.

As we can see, our character can survey a vast universe with a coastal city, for example, whose topography looks a bit like Busan (for connoisseurs of the country of quiet morning). Here, no bicycle, but many means of transportation that Riders Republic does not deny, with BMX, skate, longboard, but also carts (which look like carriers for children).

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Of course, many ancillary activities will be on the program with among other fishery. In addition, we can recover everywhere everywhere in order to grant the gameplay according to our style of play.

For now, DoKev does not have a fixed output date, but will land on PC and consoles.

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