Devil May Cry Realistic Dante

Devil May Cry celebrates 20-year-old anniversary this year. Reason enough, the Prime 1 studios revealed to bring a pretty big and costly figure of Dante on the market. Sold in two editions, which cost up to $ 4,299, which are around 3,640 euros.

The statue is part of the Masterline Series Museum and according to the manufacturer has a high-quality cloth clothing, which is modeled in the game. The costly Black Label Edition additionally includes a second headboard made of full silicone with synthetic hair. The estimated delivery date is between November 2022 and February 2023.

Pre-orders are already possible:

The buyers are sent after the market start a decent piece of Dante. The figure is 29.2 kilograms heavy and 109 centimeters high. Armed with its well-known weapons Dante was reproduced to his bandages and even his Henley shirt.

The jacket of Dante is made according to description made of genuine leather and provided with the seams, which are used to her from the game. His pants also have functional rivets and seams and a belt buckle made of genuine metal. In addition, the skin of Dante should have the same degree of detail, with a realistic skin tone and a realistic texture including blemishes.

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Devil May Cry 5 - Devil Trigger (Metal Cover)
The artists of Prime 1 Studio have spared no efforts to reproduce Dante’s iconic pose from Devil May Cry 5 in a wonderful scale 1/2. Dante is 43 inches, wears his typical long red coat and is equipped with his loyal side weapons Ebony & Ivory and his loyal sword rebellion, says the makers in the announcement.

Now you are asked: Which of the two editions presented you order?

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