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505 games presents assetto corsa mobile, the new mobile edition of the popular racing range, which appears for the price of 4.99 € for iPhone and iPad.

The IOS version of high-quality racing simulation comes from the Digital Valley Development Studio, whose team has built for the project on the years of experience of Kunos Simulazioni.


ASSETTO Corsa Mobile was inspired by the rejuvenated Asette Corsa and conveys the feeling to actually sit behind the wheel. The players choose from six different modes, starting at training mode Practice, where they get to know the basics, and later in the Classic Race you can proof.

In Time Attack it’s about the best lap time, in Endurance for resistance. The Overtake mode requires skilful maneuvering around the opposing vehicles and in Speed ​​Camera speed is the target.

It waving 59 official racing cars, with which you drive to 9 different routes, all of which were taken over by laser scan from Asette Corsa. Each of these routes offers different times of day and changing weather conditions – a rainy road is also a true challenge for the most experienced. Especially important was Digital Tales the implementation of the control, so that racing is also fun with rainy weather. The entries by tilting the device, via the touchpad and with acceleration assistant can therefore be adapted to your own needs.

505 games celebrates the publication of the mobile version in cooperation with prestigious brands in the industry, including Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati, who promise players exciting action with the best vehicles on the market. The ASSETTO CORSA brand is known for its realism as well as for the high claim and even excites professionals like Charles Leclerc and Valentino Rossi.

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