Mortal Kombat 11 Concept Art shows from film inspired costumes for Joker

In some of these designs, the clown prince went to the cinema.

Mortal Kombat has over its last entries a number of crossover characters. It has triggered a trend that other battle games have lent. Mortal Combat 11 has used half of its DLC ranging plans to acquire guests from all over other entertainment media. The last who comes out is the Clown Prince of Crime from DC Comics, the Joker. He has his own moves and a look that is inspired by the ungsichtigkeit and arkham series. But this design once different was how some new concept art shows.

In some artworks that are accessed in the game, five different designs are to be seen for the villain that were previously considered. Four of them seem to be a vager call to another filming of the beloved devil: Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, Jack Nicholson in 1989 Batman, Heath Ledger from The dark knight and Jared Leto tattooed by Weirdo from Selfordkommando. The only one who does not seem to fit into a film topic in any way is the last one. That seems to be more inspired by a comic story, in which Joker cut off his own face and then sewn again. Look at it below.

Mortal Kombat 11 is now available for all common platforms and Joker can be purchased separately or as part of the combat pack of the game.

Pennywise invades cinema!
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