Take the military disease Purt Bis Black Desert

[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

\ – IBK Nara Love Card New Subscribers & Coupon

** \ – On October 1, the day of the National Armed Forces

\ – Nara Love Card Business First Games – Financial Group Affiliate MOU

Pulse was a Bishan IBK enterprise bank and a MOU for win-win to win the game – financial platform and arranged two events for military diseases.

I would like to have a gratefulness of my country to the military, IBK country love card new subscription event will be held on December 31. The country love card is a check-card with electronic accounts, cash cards, and electronic pathology functions that issue the obligations of military service to be given the obligations of the military service to be given the assignment of the military service.

Since 2007, anyone who has been tested for the Non-Metropolitan Government, IBK Corporate Banking Site or Mobile Only Branch ‘IBK Cube’ can be issued. New subscription and advertisement letters are subscribed to all users who agreed to reception of ad characters, and provide a ‘black desert>’ and ‘Black Desert Mobile>’ coupon as a letter to all users who agreed to reception.

Coupon ▲ Chunma’s horny ▲ Elegum’s horny ▲ Maximum weight of the year ▲ Raise ▲ Pets ▲ Bags ▲ Bags ▲ Batu Package ▲ 5th Generation Map, Coupon Open, Coupon Plus ▲ Life Plus ▲ Coco & Elpento Costume Choice Box ▲ Mafe 7th Generation Box ▲ You can get a companion animal.

On Oct. 1, the day of the Armed Forces’ Day of the Armed Forces’ The Day of the Armed Forces, Sales Events’ (scheduled for October). If you write a bag name and support message you want to cheer, you will be able to select a merchant base and provide a solid snack. and Official website can be involved.

Kim Kyung-bin Pulse, Bis Top Business Officer Ibk Corporate Banks and IBK Corporate Banks, and IBK Corporate Banks, and IBK Country Love Card, I hope you feel the fun of it.

Pulse Bis and IBK Entertainment Bank’s partnership is the first game – Financial Group Affiliate MOU. Both companies are also pulse in the future, and it is a policy that will continue to collaborate based on synergy between the Bis IP platform and the synergy between the IBK country love card financial platform.

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