Pok mon Go Inkay and Malato will soon reach the game of Niantic and this is all you should know

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While now there is a new loading screen available in Pokémon Go to celebrate the new autumn season, many events and new functions are scheduled for this September. In addition to the arrival of the fabulous hoopo to the game, Inkay will also make his debut for the first time.

When will Inkay and Malamar be available in Pokémon Go?

The two new Pokémon will make their appearance during the psychospectacle event. More specifically, the event will take place from the Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 10 a.m. Until Monday, September 13, 2021 at 8 p.m.

Throughout the event, Inkay will be available in nature as well as Elgyem, open, Drowzee, Gothita or even Solosis. It will also be available in 1 star incursions and as a reward of research mission.

To evolve to Malamar , It will surely be necessary to perform the same manipulation as in Nintendo 3DS with the XY versions.

The event will also be an opportunity to unlock the sequel to the special studio an incomprehended misunderstood that will allow you to get Hoopa. The Pokémon of psychic type obviously honored during the duration of the event and some look like incursions:

  • Raichu de Alala, Wobbuffet, Medicham and Metagross will appear at the three-star incursions.
  • Lugia will continue to appear in the five-star incursions.
  • Mega-Slowbro will continue to appear on megainters.

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