Pok mon GO The new loading screen offers a preview of 3 great Pok mon

The loading screen has been changed in Pokémon Go and provides information about three new and great Pokémon. We look at the graph and show you what monsters are.

What type of image is it about? When you start Pokémon GO, a graphic as a loading screen appears. This always adapts to the respective season or certain topics of the game. For this reason, it is also changed regularly.

More recently, when opening the game, the coaches could see an image that matched the GO Fest 2021. This is over and the new season of heavy jokes has begun. For this occasion, the load screen has now been changed.

This is the new loading screen

The autumn atmosphere of the new loading screen can be seen at first glance. This is reinforced by the colorful foliage fallen in the foreground. You can also see a coach walking through a building.

Pokémon Go loading screen

Behind him, several Pokémon have risen over each other and, with his shadow, form a great monster on the wall of the house. Some coaches suspect a connection with Halloween. Then Phantaval writes: I feel like this is a prior loading screen to Halloween. (Through reddit.com)

If you look closely, you can also see the Hoopa behind the window.

Attentive coaches also noticed three new Pokémon in the image.

These are the great Pokémon of the loading screen.

If you look more closely at the Pokémon pyramid on the new load screen, you will find that there are three of these monsters that are not yet available to catch in Pokémon Go. But what kind of monsters are?

Coach Falconhokie is happy with newcomers COFFWAFF, Paragoni and DeDenne (through Reddit.com). We take a closer look at these Pokémon and we are briefly presented below:


COFFWAFF is a Normal Type Pokémon of 6th generation. It has no progress or greater development. You can recognize it by the dog’s body, with a long and white fur and a pointed face. His nose and eyelids are blue and his eyes are red.

Zoroark (left), Slock (center) and Schlingking (right) through pokemon.com

The Pokémon of the Dark Type and Dragon comes from the seventh generation and is part of the legendary monsters. However, it is not known if these shadows really intend to give a clue about new Pokémon or simply resemble them with great imagination.

Do the new monsters come into play?

It is not yet known if the three new monsters will enter into play and when the time will come. However, in the past, Niantic mocked up new Pokémon, like Feelinara, more often on the loading screen, which was then launched in a timely manner.

Therefore, the community can continue expecting that soon it is like that. As soon as there is new Pokémon GO information, you will definitely find it here, in loading.

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The next psychological show brings you 2 new Pokémon. We take a look at what kind of monsters are and we show you.

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