PS Plus fans are watching Let the AC

causalities: Just like when it rains the ground is wet, followed by (almost always) a Hate-wave once the PS Plus games will be announced for the next month. Boring! or Did I? or Why do you give any new games, Sony? are the most popular complaints. Here, the September coming actually has a really big surprise for all fans, which Assassin’s Creed is not assassinisch enough.

Better than Assassin’s Creed: With PS Plus a stealth masterpiece dust free in September

For Assassin’s Creed is still no end in sight: Why even when developers Ubisoft still has many ages before him, and the open-world chaos still bucks despite less new features? But at one point, many fans agree: With Assassins and crawl the series has long been nothing more to do. How convenient then that Sony’s PS Plus members next September a real Assassin’s masterpiece donated : Hitman second

If you have lost the series over the years out of sight should or are never really thus become warm, is now best time to enter: In the World of Assination trilogy, including Hitman 2 heard, developer IO Interactive his formula around the assassin business perfected, as I find other and stealth experts from the editors. Below I’m one of the main points.

PS-Plus membership right on Amazon refresh

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* 1,001 murders: Take a kill order and you falls into the sandbox of a thousand possibilities. Observe, collect information, plan, execute, fail – or succeed and make silently out of the dust. The playful freedom is and remains the greatest strength in Hitman 2. Creativity is rewarded, punished blunt approach. That spurs.

  • More fun instead of frustration: Unlike the previous games Hitman is much more accessible, the back but also crisp and complex. While you may not grant the Quick Save a safety net, you can the level of difficulty for the ultimate challenge in the drive up. Adventurous players and perfectionists can have as via dozens of hours of fun with Hitman second

  • With John Wick on a world tour: Miami, Colombia, New Zealand – Hitman 2 features six stunning and varied venues with many details, possibilities and mysteries. Also in the thirtieth cycle you can discover something new. As some OpenWorld can not keep itself.

  • The wacky gallows humor: Despite the gloomy scenario, Hitman 2 does not always serious and that’s a good thing. Strange murders, flashy outfits, stupid challenges WTF situation comedy – Hitman 2 ever heard a pinch of humor. This makes the series has always been charming and unique.


Hitman 2: The human silencer

From September 7 to PS Plus members Overcooked: All You Can Eat, Predator Hunting Grounds and Hitman 2 as free games for PS4 and PS5 download. Especially the latter game could offer a great alternative for all fans that Assassin’s Creed has been disappointed.

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