So you would see scooby as the god of destruction

Two years after his creation, the meme of Ultra Instinct Shaggy finally became Canon thanks to a small Egg Easter in the latest animated film of Morte Kombat of Warner Bros. However, the fans now have their sights in a very low joke Similar, since Now people want to see ascooby as the God of destruction of _Dragon Ball Super _ .

Recently, a fan, known as @ tinafate1, shared an illustration where we can see scooby with a clothing similar to bills, the god of destruction . Next to the canine, Vilma has become the angel whis. Unlike Shaggy, there is no doubt here, Scooby could defeat Goku.

Considering that Shaggy’s Meme took a couple of years before having some kind of official reference, is very likely to miss a long time before Warner Bros. decides to do something with this joke . However, the community will surely keep this joke alive. You can check Shaggy ultra instinct here.

Via: Tinafate1

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