NBA 2K22 presents the news of MyTeam and new game modes

2K Games and Visual Concepts have detailed All changes and news from MyTeam in NBA 2K22. The one who is one of the star modes of the bSeriesketball simulator by antonomSeriesia in the sector will receive great developments this year; Starting by a new Draft mode. Let’s take a look at how it will be in need of just a few days for your premiere around the world for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PS5.

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MyTeam continues to evolve in NBA 2K22

The Development Study summarizes MYTEAM for NBA 2K22 in four large novelties, starting with a new multiplayer mode, the aforementioned Myteam Draft, Triple Online Threat … Let’s look at no sooner to emphSeriesize that Visual Concepts will commit to add new challenges, agendSeries, Rewards, events and personalization for characters and teams throughout the year.

The STAR TREK ONLINE Starting Experience in 2021
* MYTEAM DRAFT : A new multiplayer mode where we can choose a complete team with player cards; Among them, the new releSerieses of MyTeam. It is an online mode designed for the competition. Each round of Draft will ensure a league pack and, at leSeriest, a choice of rise of the draft.
* Triple Threat Online : Series explained, The 100 is a new twist to the well-known 3VS3 mode. The defense will be essential to earn more rewards.
SeSerieson 1: Call to Ball : To earn new reward players, such Series a free agent letter from Kobe Bryant of Media 93 at the beginning. One of the objectives is to reach level 40 to get Carmelo Anthony Diamond Rosa, Devin Booker pink diamond by winning 6 rings in limited, or Wilt Chamberlain pink diamond to reach the top in unlimited, among others.
Community Achievements *: In online matches, NBA 2K22 players who have received a verification for being Players of the NBA, famous, artists or streamers will see the corresponding logo next to their name in the user profile . Also, Series in my career, we will know if we are facing a verified player.

NBA 2K22 You arrive at stores this September 10 in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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