WWE 2K20 was disappointing in terms of quality and sales says Take

2K Games and Visual Concepts are working hard to improve themselves.

The WWE 2K series has always been known for its disturbances and technical problems. There are whole Twitter and YouTube channels, which are dedicated to the funny way of destroying the games. But WWE 2K20 was something completely different with his questions. The game was a legendary technical confusion, in some way hardly functional (and yes, it’s really so bad). It seems that this was reflected in both sales and reception of the game.

CEO Strauss Zelnick has addressed the bad performance of the game in the recent publication of Take-Two Interactive’s financial results. He said that the game was a disappointment both in his quality and in its total sales. Zelnick noticed that the publisher 2K (an imprint of Take-Two, which worked the WWE 2K Games) and developer Visual Concepts, to improve the property.

While we are disappointed WWE 2K20 2K has not met our expectations in terms of sales and quality and is actively working with Visual Concepts to ensure that these issues are resolved in the future. You will soon have to report on your plans more about your plans, said Zelnick. The WWE brand continues to expand worldwide and it remains a significant long-term opportunity to promote our growth WWE 2K series by improving the quality of the game.

The Creative Director of WWE 2K20 described a tense environment between Visual Concepts and the longtime WWE partner Yuke’s. The division contributed most likely to the quality of the title. Hopefully, next time you can pull your nose a little bit up. We have to wait and see.

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