Xbox player adjusted New update can make your console useless

A new patch is currently creating some Xbox insiders for the dreaded Black Screen of Death and puts their consoles lame. We tell you who affects the problem and how you can solve it.

Members of the Xbox Insider Program get earlier access to specific updates and innovations for your Xbox console. Currently have some Xbox insiders with their Xbox ONE, however, great annoyance – and apparently because of a patch that has gone online a few days ago. Gamers complain online the Black Screen of Death, where the console simply no longer displays a picture and the screen remains black.

Xbox One: Return of the Black Screen of Death

The Black Screen of Death is unfortunately known from earlier times some Xbox One users. Although the problem has actually been resolved in recent years, but Currently it is reinforced again in beta users of the insider program , which have installed a patch of 13 August.

Since then, Microsoft has released two more patches on the 17th and on 20 August, but contrary to the statement of the company, the problems could not be resolved: Gamers still report in the social media that they are affected by the Black Screen of Death. (Source: Kotaku)

Xbox patch with bad consequences – you can do now

If you should be affected by the Black Screen of Death on your Xbox ONE, you can do something about it. In the most cases only a complete reset your console , which you can do with a USB stick despite the black screen. Although you lose your settings and shortcuts, but at least you can use your Xbox one console again. In our guide on the topic, we explain to you in detail how you can reset your Xbox ONE.

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It remains to hope that Microsoft releases a new patch in the next few days, which fixes the problem for all users of the Xbox Insider Program. Until then, Xbox-One owners should be careful in any case, which patch them install.

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