Marvel s Avengers Update 1 46 Patchnotes War for Wakanda

Update 1.46 is finally there for Marvel’s Avengers, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. The extension was there for Wakanda and brings Black Panther as playable heroes into the game and adds Wakanda as a newest biom of the game. This extension adds two new rogues to the game: Ulysses Claw and Crossbones. Together with the new Story campaign around Black Panthers, players can also explore the jungle biom of Wakandan freely and adopt new war zone missions and more. Everything is new with Marvels Avengers-Update 1.46.

Marvel’s Avengers was for Wakanda Update Patchoties

New Features

  • War for Wakanda – Ulysses Klaue has made its way to Wakanda to steal vibranium for his own needs – and to settle a personal bill. Black Panther brings together the Avengers and his Wakandan colleagues to defend his home in front of the threatening threat. Start the war around Wakanda on the war table.
  • Newr Hero: Black Panther – The agile and wild Black Panther has a unique combat set that uses its speed, Wakandan technology and power of bast. Unlock Black Panther by closing the first mission in the story of War for Wakanda.
  • Newr Outlay: Royal Palace in Birnin Zana – With a distance of the Golden City of Birnin Zana, the Royal Palace is the most important hub for adventures throughout Wakanda. With different bays for dealers and missions, you can speak in this area with iconic NPCs such as Shuri, Okoye and Zawavari.
  • New Enemies: The Klaue Company and Crawlers – Claw has given his best to penetrate in Wakanda, and they have several tricks in the sleeve. From Bruisers to Strategists and their new Sonic and vibrania capabilities, the new enemies are not so easy. Did we already mention the tiny crawlers?
  • Corrosion Vibranium Event – due to claw interference, vibranium is surfaced around the world. Eliminate these knots before they poison the earth among them. The Corrupted Vibranium Event lasts from 19 August to September 2 and will reward the new vibranium and Sonic equipment.
  • UI updates – The user interface has been revised to better organize the experience. You can now transport equipment in bulk and disassemble either holding actions or highlight any equipment, lock equipment for safety, access the inventory cabinet at any time and much more. Read below for the list.

Reagemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative

  • In Agony and the Anthill, players stay after the second checkpoint near an Inhuman cell no longer stuck between a cliff and a boulders.
  • In Alone Against AIM, the ranging attacks of Iron Man collide with the roof of the bridge, which is located directly in front of the main building of AIM.
  • In every harm space, players no longer cut through walls and go out when they fight an enemy near a wall.
  • In Mayhem Over Manhattan, when the goal says the players are to enter the building, players are now correctly facing the destination after reloading the checkpoint.
  • After reaching the first destination in Beating The Odds, the box to the right of the wall now has the right collision to keep heroes away. No to hide in a box in front of Monica, does not work, no matter how much you try.
  • An infinitely black screen does not appear in By Force of Mind, if Kamala falls into the pit, just before reaching Hulk.
  • In beating the odds, the repeated up and descending the keys that expose the batteries no longer immune to damage.
  • After selecting a difficulty option at the beginning of the game, operations will default to the selected level of difficulty.
  • On Xbox in the My Life AS A Weapon mission, the elevator is no longer an infinity when emotes run.
  • Unpolished dangers no longer appear at the ceiling of Shield Caches, which have a hazardous mission modifier.
  • A rare problem has been fixed in the Tutorial Mission, where there was no key request when the control over Thor was taken over for the first time.

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

  • When fighting Maestro in multiplayer mode, the falling debris are now displayed correctly for all players. Finally, Maestro can not make the things invisible.
  • Players can be watched properly when they revive themselves after they found themselves in audience mode.
  • When the timer runs in Tachyon Rift – and We’re Back, there is no sudden audio slump anymore.
  • After accepting a strike team invitation, a problem has been resolved in which the invited player, which selected the companion preferences button, erroneously led to the settings menu.
  • If the Heroic Gauntlet is completed with a strike team with only one person, he was tableable for those who fallen during the fight no longer confused.
  • An issue has been resolved, through the player playing an infinite charging screen when playing Future Imperfect when the host of the strike team went before the multiplayer has been unlocked or has not been progress.

Art & Animation

  • If Kate uses her drummer Girl Emote, the arrows no longer disappear in the middle of animation.
  • Thor’s hair will properly invisible in his Battle Guard and King Thor-Outfits when they are affected by invisibility. His beautiful, god-fearing curls are not immune to invisibility.
  • If Hulk uses the Not Worth My Time TakeDown, it will not be pushed away.
  • The slope door of the Quinjet no longer overlaps the sides of the floor when opening.
  • When Black Widow uses an emote that uses a single pistol, only a pistol disappears from your holster and not two.
  • Kate’s boots in your swan diver outfit are now white to meet the marketplace preview.
  • Thors Baumarkt-Outfit now has a submerged submerge, which is visible to certain attacks. He gets cold.
  • Kate’s hair in the steampunk outfit no longer blond appears in intermediate sequences and now appear black as intended.
  • Captain Americas Schild appears properly in all by Force of Mind-Cinema films when his Avengers: Final Game Outfit is equipped by Marvel Studios.
  • Kamala slides or no longer relates when the TakeDown of Make My Own Fun is running.
  • [PC] For players with a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, the large pixeled band will not appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Captain Americas Schild now appears in mirrors when he carries his Avengers: Endgame outfit by Marvel Studios.
  • Hulk’s unbeaten outfit has no black polygons near his shoulders.
  • Black Widow’s liquidator and neon-razor outfits now have a weapon in the right holster, where no one was before.
  • [PC] Nvidia has released a new driver that fixes a problem in which the faces of characters could be damaged. For NVIDIA users, make sure they have the latest driver. We recommend the driver version 471.68 or higher. These can be found here:

user interface

  • UI updates:
    • Lock
    • Disassembly and mass disease
    • Transfer and mass transfer of objects in lockers
    • Keep actions for reducing and transferring objects in succession without having to mark each one
    • Access to the locker over the menus to move things back and forth
    • Quick switch between the slots without moving the cursor and keeping the gear highlighted
    • Open the gear comparison option while switching between the slots
    • Attached character statistics when changing between the slots
    • D-PAD usability throughout the character menu
  • In Quinjet, after completing a mission, on the Select button is now Mission Selection.
  • Players can now use LB and RB on a controller to navigate through the menu on the Market Square tab.
  • A problem has been used to use the use of mouse and keyboard in photom mode, where the option buttons did not work after the user interface appears with a right-click.
  • The use of mouse and keyboard in photomodus and pressing A and D to select different options does not move the camera anymore.
  • When using mouse and keyboard with flying heroes, the camera is no longer trembling and is much more fluid.
  • To resolve problems with the UI menu, the player is now prevented from opening the character menu when it is depressed and waits for a revival.
  • If you try to activate the catalyst law of a hero while a different expires, the symbol of the new no longer partial green is displayed.
  • It has been fixed a problem where the background of the main menu was sometimes completely white, rather than with the right hexagons.
  • After completing the missing links, the NewR Hero user interface is now properly displayed above all others for Hulk for Hulk.
  • Mission titles and descriptions are no longer displayed in English if the selected language is Spanish (Latin America).
  • A problem has been resolved in which moving the mouse over the hero symbols in the hero selection user interface after accepting an invitation from another player caused a loop into the audio and visual effects of the symbol.
  • [PC] Pressing ESC in the companion settings of a hero terminal brings players back to the hero selection instead of the main menu.
  • [PC] If you switch to another application after starting a mission, the game will not be blocked anymore.


  • Kate’s quantum optimizer skill reduces the correct amount of intrinsic energy used when it performs a light or heavy intrinsic attack.
  • Kate’s quantum locking skill reduces the correct damage after activation of Quantum Overdrive.
  • In Beating the Odds, Monica’s electricity clay now attacks heroes that can fly.
  • Kate can take Simse correctly after using Warp Arrow.
  • Quantum Pulse is no longer activated when Kate Quantum Overdrive is not used.
  • HawKeyes ability Advanced Focus now provides the 2-second boost for the locked on buff.
  • HawKeyes overload endurance skill now works as intended when the player has to have an extended focus to extend locked for 2 seconds.
  • Hulk’s thunderbolt now damages proper turbines in the communications Nexus mission.
  • Kate can now properly parry yellow attacks from elite synthoid.
  • Kates Quantum Arc and Quantum Lift Skills function properly after a successful parade.
  • Hulk can no longer be interrupted if he uses Stranglehold just before taking a non-blockable attack.
  • There has been a problem in Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion, in which the countdown timer sometimes did not appear during the bubble phase.
  • Reactive equipment benefits are no longer triggered if AOE attacks are perfectly adequately.

Equipment, challenges and rewards

  • Changes of the Hero Sets:
  • Several benefits have been postponed to better strengthen the set topics for all heroes (more details in a coming blog).
  • Brooklyn Brawler Bulwark was added as a solid Perk to Captain Americas Iron Gloves of the Nomad and Harbingers of the Nomad. 15% reduced incoming damage, while Brawler is active
  • Defender retaliation Added to Captain Americas Rampart of the Nomad. Rain intrinsic energy when you take damage
  • The Captain Americas Super Solider family has added the Brooklyn Brawler Amplifier to the melee slot as a permanent advantage. Increased status damage, while Brawler is active
  • Hulk has more benefits that focus on gripping attacks and increase damage potential in his world crusher set
  • Thor has replaced some generic benefits, focusing on the regeneration and increase of the maximum capacity of ODINFORCE in its Thunderer set.
  • The following gear sets now have unique names:
    • Shield Payload Equipment Set:
    • Shields sign (ranged)
    • Shields break (melee)
    • Shields Conclave (Heroic)
    • Shields case (defense)
    • Pym payload equipment set
    • Pym’s compress unit (ranged)
    • Pyms minute unit (melee)
    • Pyms wither unit (heroic)
    • Pyms emergency unit (defense)
    • Jarvis gear set:
    • Jarvis Pinpoint Barrier (Fangamp)
    • Jarvis Grill barrier (melee)
    • Jarvis Zenith barrier – (heroic)
    • Jarvis deterrent barrier (defense)
    • Hero Set Gear has a little chance to roll with Perks, which on the cosmic status on …

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