Assassin s Creed Valhalla Title Update and New Rivers Raids appear today

UNDEAD PACK Out Now!, Update 1.40, Assassin's Creed Origins PC
Almost ten months after publication, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla continues to receive generous support from Ubisoft. After the Open World Role Play has been increased by the siege of Paris extension last month, Title Update 1.3.1 and River RAIDS Map Pack # 2 are now. The exact contents of the pack and the update are so far unknown. However, players reportedly report, among other things, a new armor set, a nightmare difficulty and new skills await. In the coming autumn, Title Update 1.3.2 is then available, which should contain a temporary festival event with unlockable rewards. In addition, Discovery Tour appears: Viking Age, which allows players, as already in earlier offspring, to explore the world of Valhalla from the perspective of a virtual tourist and learn more about their history.

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