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The DC Cosmos Animated Original Movies (also understood as DC Cosmos Initial Movies or DC Cosmos Flicks) are a series of American direct-to-video superhero animated movies based on the DC Comic books characters and also tales generated primarily by Warner Bros. Computer animation. The movies are normally stand-alone jobs that are either adjustments of popular jobs or initial tales. From 2013 to 2021, the DC Animated Motion Picture Universe was a sub-series including several films that occurred in a shared cosmos, influenced predominantly from The New 52. They are typically produced an older audience contrasted to the DC animated cosmos and also other jobs, and also including DCAU graduates such as Bruce Timm, who primarily acted as executive producer or as manufacturer until Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, before returning because Justice League: Gods as well as Beasts.
Because it first began with 2007’s Superman: End ofthe world, the series has actually been well obtained being applauded by followers, doubters, with continually excellent sales.

In 2013, NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat couriers released a new beating game in the world of DC Comics in the world of Injustice: Gods Among US . However, not in the universe we know, but an alternative reality that has taken an extremely gloomy development. Now it was officially confirmed that an animation film is in progress in the DC video game.

Injustice: Information about the DC Animation Film are still rare

This goes back to a recent report by Comic Book, which relate to an announcement of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The company confirmed the works at the upcoming Animated Movie, but also named no further information. Currently, it is not yet known which spokesman lend the characters to their voices and when the film is to be published. Incidentally, Sneak Peak will be included by the coming Blu-ray / DVD of the DC Animation Movie Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 , which currently has no date for a publication in Germany.

Also unclear is whether the film will adapt the complete history of the first injustice game, or may possibly also incorporate other stories to the brand in the filming. On the success of the first video game followed two comic rows, which were partly events that were not visible in the game and thus enable a new look at some characters.

The story of Injustice: God’s Among US occurs in a parallel universe where Superman and Lois Lane expect a common child. The Joker, who has no more desire to make Batman’s life hard, brings the man from steel to kill his wife and their unborn child. After exceeding these limits, Superman gradually builds a regime to force the world to peace. While some heroes face his side, Batman forms a resistance group.

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