Masterpiece Anti RPG Moon and Optional Scroll STG Black Bird PS4 PS5 version is released PS STORE pages are also released

Onion Games has published the Store page of RPG MOON and optional scroll STG BLACK BIRD at the PlayStation Store.

MOON is a RPG adventure that Love Delic works in 1997 and has been released as a software for PlayStation from ASCII. A unique game system that collects love without fighting and raising the level is called anti-RPG and collected popularity. The Nintendose switch has been released in October 2019, and the release date was undecided, while the release date was released for PC.

In addition, Black Bird is a shooting game of a dark world view that it will be reborn as a black bird that causes disasters to destroy the kingdom to destroy the kingdom. In addition to providing a game system that can move in any direction to the left and right, it is characterized by an ending that branches to eight types by score and an incorporation element such as True mode that appears after clearing. This has been released by PC (STeam) / switch version in October 2018.

The release date and price of the PS4 / PS5 version MOON and BLACK BIRD are undecided at the time of writing.

In addition, Mr. Shirako Kimura, President of Onion Games, is announced today that delivery will be delivered on this PS version store publication today from 20:00.

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