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DEATHLOP launches players to pretty confused skin, a guy who wakes up after having a pretty vivid dream that he has just been killed. It turns out that it was not a dream, and he is trapped in a cycle of being constantly murdered by Julianna. What is developed is an epic adventure to try to end up with several visionaries on the island of Black Reef before Julianna haste you and kill you, starting the cycle again.

To break the cycle, you will have to learn from your past mistakes, assemble a formidable weapons arsenal and end all the visionaries of the island in a single cycle. This means that you will have to perfect your fighting skills and learn the various boards of Black Reef itself.

So, what better way to have an advantage over Julianna and the other visionaries who, with a deathloop wiki guide practice, which collects advice and tricks from basic concepts to practical tutorials to help you eliminate this eccentric cast of big bad? None, what is it!

Wiki Deathloop.

Release Date: September 14, 2021
Developer : Arkane Lyon
Editor : Bethesda Softworks
Platforms : PS5, PC

General information

File size, preload time and unlock
Save your game
Change the appearance of the characters

Basic concepts

Play in multiplayer
Heal your health
Playing like Julianna
How to make a body to body
Can you increase the size of the inventory? Replied
Change clothes and get more outfits

Gun and objects guides

List of weapons: best weapons, rarity explained and more
Use and leveling of slabs and what they do all
Weapons improvements
Using trinkets and what they do

visionary guides


We will be updating this Deathloop wiki as we discover more and more Black Reef secrets, so come back soon to get more tips and tricks.

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