LOL This is the nocturne rework created by a fan with new skills and visual effects

The ReWorks are the great opportunity to shine for some of the champions of League of Legends that have been more out of date with respect to the new additions. However, Riot Games does not have the productive capacity to carry out too many visual and playable updates a year, leaving many players with the desire to see their favorite characters modified. However, where the developer does not arrive, he does the community, which constantly presents his projects to recover these heroes.

This is the ‘New’ Nightly created by the community

To continue working on new projects and try to improve as an artist of visual effects, a community member called Alfred Jäärf has wanted to create its own version of Nocturne . Although we know that this champion has not been chosen for the update that will come after UDYR, the character has been a candidate for a complete Rework. In this way, in addition to updating the visual model taking inspiration from another artist (Ronbroyde), he has created a complete kit of new skills.

Although the creator itself of this design ensures that the specialty of it is the artistic section, the truth is that The general idea of ​​the rework would maintain the practice of the skills by giving them a renewed air and with more useful . A pending subject of this champion that in League of Legends has always sinned to be little grateful when he is not able to end the rivals.

However, the highlight of the rework made by this artist are the visual effects. We talked about an artist who already impressed us in the past with the creation of an aspect of veil and specialized in visual effects, so that everything he has created was to be able to practice in this sense. In this way, we are facing one of those special occasions in which the work arrives with a perfect vision of what it would be like once to join League of Legends .

So far, this member of the community is still studying and improving. However, he begins to leave some quality details that predict a promising future. The videogame sector is always hungry of specialized professionals in VFX, and even from Riot Games they have ensured that it is one of the most future workplace alternatives .

You can follow Alfred Jäärf in your ArtStation profile or your YouTube channel

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