Pulse Bis the forest fires are in Turkey Black Desert

[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

[Black Desert] AFK Fishing, Terrmian Beach Events, Free Bikini or Swim Trunks! Patch Overview

\ – Donate events in game so that users can participate in the world

\ – Opened ‘Termanian Beach Sharing Event‘ for domestic leukemia and child cancer

Purt, Bis said he donated 7,000 in Turkey in Turkey, which was in a large-scale forest fire, with the , Global User.

In July, Turkey was damaged, such as destroying the forests of over 100,000 hectares in large-scale forests.

Purt, Bis has been in the Black Desert> Turkey Users took the news and proceeded ‘Seedlings Donation Events with Global Users’ worldwide. Game items in the game are the events that donate as the number of bises to the bis. A total of 7,000 Turkey conveyed the environmental protection group to ‘TEMA’.

The donation was held through the Black Desert>, User in the summer. We collected the ‘Sharing’s Certification’ purchased in the game, and Purthe, the Bis carried 2,000 won for Make-Wish Korea for the children who are in viscane and children who are being vitro.

I am grateful to a black desert user who gave me a lot of people who worked together on a faithful to the world, said Bis Greetings.

Pulse, Vis is steadily developing sponsorship activities where help is needed such as community and disaster areas. ▲ Gangwon province Daesung Damage Recovery Donates 100 million won, ▲ Borderless social medical grants, ▲ Corona 19 damage overcome $ 500 million ▲ Australian burning and Turkish earthquake recovery granted to $ 100 million.

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