The Fighting and Terror Game omen of sorrow puts date at its launch on Xbox with a new trailer

OMEN OF SORROW is a fighting game that takes elements of classical terror for your atmosphere and the design of your characters. The game takes inspiration of successes such as Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, taking its designs of horror stories like the Wolf man, Frankenstein or the strange case of DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde To give the title a personality own .

Your characters are inspired by Terror Classics The game was launched for the first time in November 2018 for PS4 and later on PC through the Epic Games Store in July 2019, finally, Axbox One will arrive this 15 September with a reduced price . From AONE GAMES They have also confirmed that the title will soon arrive at Steam , in addition to being working on other platforms still unconfirmed.

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will arrive on September 15 at a reduced price The gameplay of OMEN OF SORROW is classical four buttons , with a fighting system designed to take advantage of the player’s ability instead of statistics or random situations. The game is committed to some deep combat mechanics where the movement and control of distances prevails, providing a satisfactory system at novices and veterans .

It has online game, Local Multiplayer and an interesting History mode where you take advantage of the mythological background of the old legends that inspired your characters to locate ourselves at scenarios that end up perfecting Terror atmosphere that the title looks for. We will also have other classic modes such as arcade or survival . The fans of the fight in Xbox are impatiently before a possible return of Killer Instinct, but meanwhile, Omen of Sorrow is a great incorporation into the gender on Xbox One.

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