Deathloop Visual Mode Should you choose performance visual quality or raytracing

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Deathloop is a great-looking game, but you can customize the presentation to your liking by selecting one of three visual modes. With Deathloop, you can switch between a performance mode, a Visual Quality mode and a rayTracing mode at any time. Every mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they are not bound by decision on their decision. Which visual mode is the best in Deathloop? Should you choose performance, visual quality or raytracing for your deatloop playing?

Performance, visual quality and raytracing for Deathloop explains

Every mode is quite self-explanatory, but there are a few important things that you should pay attention to your decision. If you want 60 fps, you must select either power or visual quality. Both offer a dynamic scaling of the 4K resolution, which aims at 60 fps, but the performance mode will sacrifice the graphic loyalty to achieve basic solitors 60 fps, while Visual Fidelity mode prioritizes the best graphics as a cost of the frame rate.

By default, Deathloop uses the visual quality mode, but this mode often has striking frame drops. We recommend that you change it to power you running so the game with solid and constant 60 FPS. Most people will not even notice the changes to dissolution and graphic loyalty in this mode anyway. If you play on a TV without 4K resolution, this is another reason to decide for performance mode.

However, many people want to put their new Playstation 5 systems on the test, and here the visual mode RayTracing comes into play. This mode halves the frame rate with 30 fps, but allows raytracing. Deathloop looks fantastic with this attitude, but it’s really hard to get used to 30 fps after playing the game with 60 fps.

If you switch to RayTracing mode, you must completely restart your game for the changes to be taken. If you really want to play Deathloop with RayTracing mode enabled, make sure that you turn it on before starting the game. So you do not get used to the smooth 60 fps and the 30 FPS upper limit does not seem so intrusive. Deathloop is great if the rayTracing mode is activated, especially at night in some areas. However, all three visual modes in Deathloop look great, so it’s really just a matter of personal preferences.

Death loop is now available for PC and PlayStation 5.

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