UEFA prohibits Ajax Amsterdam Bob Marley

A passerine () is any bird of the order Passeriformes (; from Latin passer ‘sparrow’ as well as formis ‘-formed’), which includes even more than fifty percent of all bird types. Sometimes known as setting down birds or songbirds, passerines are differentiated from various other orders of birds by the arrangement of their toes (three directing forward as well as one back), which promotes setting down.
With greater than 140 households and also some 6,500 determined types, Passeriformes is the largest order of birds and among one of the most varied orders of earthbound vertebrates, standing for 60% of birds. Passerines are separated right into 3 suborders: Acanthisitti (New Zealand wrens), Tyranni (suboscines), as well as Passeri (oscines). The passerines contain several groups of brood bloodsuckers such as the viduas, cuckoo-finches, and the cowbirds. Many passerines are omnivorous, while the shrikes are meat-eating.
The terms passerine and also Passeriformes are obtained from the taxonomic name of your home sparrow, Passer domesticus, and inevitably from the Latin term passer, which describes sparrows and similar small birds.

The Dutch club had shown three small birds and three crosses in the colors red, yellow and green in the neck area of ​​his black alternative jerseys. The design of the jersey presented in August is to remind the song Three Little Birds of the Reggae legend Bob Marley, which is played at Ajax home games in the stadium. Also on the sleeves and shoulder parts the colors are red, yellow and green are present. At fans, the shirt is considered very popular, according to Marketing Chef Menno Geelen, the jersey sold four times as often as others.

Now the club will need to change the jersey. As the UEFA explained the German Press Agency, the neck area of ​​a jersey reserved the team symbols. This was held in a corresponding article of equipment regulations. Since the birds do not belong to the team symbols, the design has not been approved.

Further, UEFA, the manufacturer had already submitted the pattern last September and was then pointed out that it does not correspond to the guidelines. Already at the league game in Zwolle last the birds had no longer decorated the Ajax jerseys. In the Champions League, the Dutch club at the start on Wednesday (21 pm, live! At black alternative) is a away from Sporting Lisbon.

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