Sony shows new ps5

When the PlayStation was finally revealed for 5 last year, many were not amazed as the console was presented in white. Since then, many again want to be a black look again, but so far there was no announcement in the direction of Sony.

Instead, the controller has received the Midnight Black variant a few months ago and the outcry of fans was already great that they finally want to have a black PS5. Now another accessory part was announced in a new color and it is not the console itself again.

The PS5 headset is now also offered in black

After the black dualsense now comes a black pulses 3D headset. As that looks, Sony shows with the following trailer:

When the Black Headset appears? Sony has not yet confirmed a precise date for the 3D pulse in Midnight Black. However, it should appear next month .

The Midnight Black Collection: Sony also announced that the controller and the headset in black are thus associated with their own series. This allows the hopes to rise that sometime a black PS5 or black side plates are added.

Especially the latter would be the most customer-friendly variant by Sony. For the white wings of the console can be removed very easily, for example, to dust the console or even replace the side panels. How to break the wings, we’ll tell you here:

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more on the subject

PS5 side wings can be removed & so easy

Unofficial side panels by Sony prohibited: Sony has already started to prevent unofficial, removable wings before publishing the PS5. At that time, a dealer named Customizemyplates had fallen into the crossfire after offering detachable plates. To date, you can still purchase skins in the shop.

But the intervention of Sony had already taken care of the return that the manufacturer will still offer official accessories. Since the controller and the headset have got another color, it would be very strange if in the next few months is not yet offered in some form a black PS5.

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Today, a new system update has been published, which has not only added memory expansion, but also new features for the 3D headset pulse. If you have connected the headphones, you can open the equalizer directly via the Control Center and customize your sound experience.

How do you find the black headset?

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