Free Movie is also a fitality burst Mortal Combat GAME SPARK Special Online Procedure Invited to 100 people

Pick the most Mortal Kombat related information in Japan, Game Spark that most Feitariti love in Japan is self-proclaimed strong game media, which until the passion is bearing fruit of (?) Movie now possible to perform a reader for special online sneak preview of Mortal Kombat ! ! ! There is also the kindness of Mr. Warner, you what I will invite 100 people by lottery. Anyone who is in the mood without being seen but wanted to watch in the theater of course, will be a valuable opportunity that can not be overlooked original fan since Furutte please apply!

Mortal Kombat Game participate in the Spark special online sneak preview!

This work, Game Spark readers if no longer self-explanatory of brutality fighting game Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat) original movie to the original. 2021 April gained evaluation from the National publishing and high popularity of 23 days, such as KyoOsamu ranking of the dead heat of the blade infinite train ed of Onimetsu also by many people that are stored prize. Screened at the national cinemas in June 2021 in Japan was launched. September 17, 2009, digital download pre-sale in. In addition, digital rental from September 29 (water), October 20, from the (water) cell & rental of Blu-ray · DVD will begin.

To the other party for the story, including details and high original elements of the evaluation in the emotional work, but I think that you have a look featured which was published in accordance with the Japanese public, which is synonymous with Mortal Kombat Feitariti which (were defeated one of the series familiar rendition) also a big feature that is faithfully reproduced with live-action film prick the brutal todome. Production which has become a R15 + specified in Japan is a point of interest.

In addition, also from Japan has appeared in the actor is important Yakudotoro a large number appeared in Hollywood work, the scorpion role is important character Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano has played a guardian Leiden role.

It should be noted that, at this time of the premiere is the first recorded in digital distribution and Blu-ray · DVD, theater at the time of the public did not watch will deliver in the Japanese dub version of ! Anime hero call Tokyo Revenger’s in serve a dragon Miyadera Ken Auditor Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s , dub in anime magic around game of Leiden Nanami native of officers and Star Wars / force of arousal Kenjiro Tsuda , known for dub of Cairo Wren. In addition anime dub of the Scorpion NARUTO- Naruto – Kazuhiko Inoue ‘s Hatake Kakashi role, in sub-zero anime Golden Kamui of Noma role Tadokoro HiMuko ‘s like, please enjoy the dubbing of familiar popular talented actors to gamers.

story –

Players call of mixed martial arts with bruises in the shape of a dragon on the chest was sent a day-to-day fight for gold remains not know their own upbringing, but one day, shot in order to Makai emperor defeat the call Nerawareru life to the strongest assassin sub-zero. Call will perceive the risk of his family, combined with the special forces Major Jax and women warriors Sonia. He is visiting the Earth guardian Leiden Temple. So he knows that the presence of fighting tournament Mortal Kombat multiplied by the fate of the world that has been waged from ancient times, is a warrior himself was chosen to fight the Makai enemies. Call with his new friends, to release his own hidden the force, family, and whether it is possible to save the world?


Call Young: Louis Tan (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Hasashi-Hanzo / Scorpion: Hiroyuki Sanada (Kazuhiko Inoue)

Leiden: Tadanobu Asano (Kenjiro Tsuda)

Bi-Han / Sub-Zero: Joe Tasurimu (Tadokoro HiMuko)


Production: James Wan, Todd Garner, Simon Makkoido,

E · Bennett Walsh

Director: Simon Makkoido

Screenplay: Greg Russo

Premiere Overview & How to Apply

Online preview period: October 16 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ October 18 (Mon) 23:59

The winner will enjoy participating in the premiere at any time as long as the above-mentioned period.

Wanted Deadline: October 5 (Tue) 23:59

Please contact the winner is scheduled for October 8 (gold). For more information on How to Watch we will contact you by winning notification.

October 20, the viewing of the comments and reviews to up to (water) only those who can post on Twitter you can for your application.

Application method

  1. Game Spark official Twitter follow an account (@Mortal Kombat)

  2. Fill and transmitting the required information from the following applicants button

Mortal Kombat Game participate in the Spark special online sneak preview!
※ When your viewing Game log in to Spark member page is mandatory.
※ by the convenience, discontinuation, there is a case to be a schedule change. Please note.
※ will be able to participate only winner other person. Prohibited the transfer and public viewing link.
For shooting prevention of unauthorized reproduction and distribution screen ※, the delivery screen watermark (watermark) will be displayed at all times. note that. ※ only towards the winner, we will send you the URL of the online sneak preview page.
※ thank you for your application only the direction which can be viewed & Review in the above-mentioned period.
Please refrain from viewing on high places of public property, such as cafes and public transportation ※.
※ recording a movie without permission, the act is copyright infringement (copyright law), 10 years in prison or 1 million yen a fine of not more than , or both will be imposed in to record. Publish the video and audio were voyeur on the net, and to sell, heavier even more sin.

\ ————————————————- —-
Mortal Kombat digital download pre-sale in
9/29 (water) digital rental start
10/20 (water) Blu-ray · DVD cell & rental start

[ limited] Mortal Kombat steel book specification <4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray set> (1,500 set limited / 2-Pack) ¥ 7,990 (tax included)
Mortal Kombat Blu-ray & DVD Set (2-Pack) ¥ 4,980 (tax included)
Publisher: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Publisher: NBC Universal Entertainment

MORTAL KOMBAT, the DRAGON LOGO and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Mortal Kombat © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

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