Sony presents the new headphones for PS5 games Press 3D Midnight Black

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The owners of PlayStation 5 in the new headset market will be happy to know that Sony is launching a new wireless headset option Press 3D at MIDNIGHT BLACK. The coloration is intended to match the Midnight Black driver that is currently available, and players who like the combination of their accessories may be interested when it is launch next month. The color scheme will be sold for the same price of $ 99 that the white option is currently available. It is a very elegant look option, and it looks like a secure bet that PS5 owners will be delighted with the new design.

As with the previous option, the Midnight Black headphone Pulse 3D offers a built-in rechargeable battery and has been designed to make the most of the Tempest 3D Audiotech of the console, with an adjusted frequency response to help players locate the Sounds more accurately in accurate locations to match the game on the screen , according to PlayStation. A next update for the system will also add a new equalizer control function, and players can currently select from different pre-established options or create their own. The owners of PlayStation 5 do not have to use Sony headphones, as there are many other options compatible with hardware. The official offer of PlayStation has its fans, but interested parties may want to investigate a bit before buying.

Of course, the existence of Midnight Black headphones has already led to online speculations that Sony could also launch a PlayStation 5 console in the color. Given the current difficulties of the company to keep up with the product in the current color, it is difficult to say if we will see a new one soon. However, I would go very well with the controller and the headphones! For now, fanatics will only have to wait and see what happens.

Midnight Black Wireless Headphones Pulse 3D will be launched on October 22 for PlayStation 5. Early headphones orders are already available and can be found right here.

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