Mortal Kombat 11 gets another leak suggesting that Ash Williams join the squad

It s a secret for all, baby.

Mortal Kombat has become something unexpected to become an important multimedia crossover title. This process started with mortal Kombat 2011 dived Freddy Krueger as the last DLC character for this game. Since then, this has since been found in the continuations with continued mortal Kombat 11 a kind intersection of pop culture with comics, films and video games. The latest DLC character, Spawn, is a prime example. It was rumored that also a horror icon comes, and now, we have another unexpected sign pointing out on the grooven heroes, which soon suits the fight.

In an e-mail sent to promote Spawn s publication, there was a striking brand below under the brands for Joker and Terminator. As you can see below, ASH calls it quite explicitly from army of darkness in the brands.

The actor, the Ash through the evil Dead franchise ( ARMEE of darkness is the third entry in this series) and has expressed it in different video games, Bruce Campbell did not even, but twice denied that Ash will be playable in the game. But with all these leaks and teasing either someone has fun or the big chin plays us all as violins.

Mortal Combat The Creator and Producer has already confirmed that further support is pending mortal Combat 11 The chances are therefore good that we will get more fighters relatively soon. Personally, I will not be too surprised if I hear the legendary speed of this chainsaw at this time.

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