Sakura Swim Club Visual Novel floats on PlayStation and Switch

Winged Cloud is an American English language aesthetic unique programmer. They are recognized for developing the Sakura aesthetic novel series.

Today, 23 September 2021 Winged Cloud and Gamuzumi have already published for PC and on Steam to date from more than 2,000 users very positive rated Visual Novel Sakura Swim Club also published for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The download via PlayStation Store and eShop costs 9.99 euros each.

In the game description it says: Sakura Swim Club tells the story of the cutting types of Kaede. When he changes to a new university, he gets to know two beautiful girls in the swimclub. For the swimclub it s not very good lately, but thanks to Kaedes Help changes.

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As a new hero of the swimclub, you will get to know a beautiful girl in bathing suits and meet decisions that affect the story. Soon you will meet you outside the swimming training to spend time together. Let s see where that leads!

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