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2K and Visual Concepts again show their talent on the track, but at the cost of neglecting almost everything else.

I want to start this analysis with two moments in NBA 2k22 that perfectly exemplify one of the greatest problems that has been dragging the saga for a few years, and that in the version of this year they are aggravated at levels never seen beforehand. The first is a bit absurd, but demonstrates quite well the disconnection that the franchise, one of the most important when representing any sport in console, is beginning to have with the own reality of the NBA: At some time, in the My career mode – the one that will be, to the dessert, the great white of my criticisms -, begin to combine the complaints against our player because, as some critics and journalists of those who come together the NBA fields, the mere fact of Having a YouTube channel can be an obstacle to developing our 100% skills, and no elite athlete who is precisely has anything like it.

Basic information

Developer: Visual Concepts
Editor: 2K Games
Platforms: PS5, X / S, PS4, SWITCH, PC series
Proven version: PS5
Availability: 10/09/2021


Before commenting on the second, we are going to stop in this affirmation: a game that is prexious to be up to date, to go further to reproduce only what is seen in the field, performs one of the most unfortunate statements I have seen in A long time, even reaching to quote LeBron James – personality that has collaborated in programs and has been more active than anyone in social networks – as someone who would never do that to get to the top. It is a level of improper awkwardness of Visual Concepts: The study that is proud to move the experience of the streets and the stadiums to the small screen ignores here a reality in which people like Jimmy Butler or Serge Ibaka enjoy channels of YouTube with some success, with the only excuse to create a narrative that allows them to generate conflict within our development as a player.

But the thing goes further with my second moment, when we first landed in the city, an element introduced last year in substitution of the neighborhood, and we see the best involuntary parody of the gentrification that has ever been in a video game. The amalgam of lights, colors and brands that replaces the purity of cement tracks and kids with radiocasete is itself the incarnation of all evils that afflict NBA 2k22: a game, now yes, which again demonstrates Congring why fans consider him the best possible representation of a sport, but that further aggravates the enormous crack between the parties itself and everything that surrounds it, to the point that it is almost impossible to justify it.

If we stick to the good, focused mainly on the part of the parties, there are certain changes that even people less versed in the saga will seem apparent. NBA 2K22 Leaves the excessive dependence on the team and statistics figures and focuses all in the team game, using two novelties: the first is an improvement in defense systems, which makes us plan better every played and move the ball more than once not to eat a hat; And the second is the change in the shooting system, which now depends more for the success of both fatigue and how well covered that we are.

This, which can sound minor, has a huge effect on the parquet. The parties are no longer the hire of attire, nor a me against the constant world where if you have a curry, a James or a Harden the thing is simplified. Now, to know a good play and see the holes in the defense is fundamental, I would say that more than ever, and even if you have to trust more in my word than what you will see in any video, it is perhaps one of the most notable changes in The style of play I remember in the franchise in recent years.

Maybe that s why it bothers me even more the existing separation between this, which brushes excellence almost without palliative, and all abums and added absurd additives that surround it. NBA 2K22 insists on all the things that have been riding time, as the excessive monetization for a payment game, the constant sponsorships on the screen or the excessive interest in a MyTeam mode that tries to do the same as its FIFA counterpart, the Ultimate Team of The chromites, to try to scratch our portfolios even more. But, where before there was a certain elegance, true know how to walk the fine line between interest and boredom; Now everything seems much more clumsy and chabacane.

Hence, I mentioned my career s way before, the one that should be the mode par excellence for a player and that here is something that seems, with forgiveness to the programmers who will surely have dedicated a lot of time and effort in it, done without an idea Clear how to execute it. This brand, missions and a lot of NPCS contradicts the idea of ​​bringing the NBA experience to the new generation, with frightening load times, a series of very ridiculous and unreal moments for a story that is supposed to improve – pass from Being a gift nobody to a star of the best league in the world, nothing less – and unworthy graphics almost from the 21st century.

This mode, and many other details, such as Daimiel and Sixto s appatory comments, or the clear absence of comments in Spanish for certain matches or game modes – like that of the WNBA, which again, must be applauded as to how It is represented – they end up leaving us with the impression of being before a cheap game, something that a title of these characteristics and with this level of detail and budget should never be able to afford. In the end, it is as if the people of 2k and Visual Concepts had taken a game of basketball and, after elevating it to the altars of their gender, it would have decided to create another set game with other slightly related ideas. The result is the expected: an exalted game, more than ever, in the basics; The fact that you have to be constantly forgiving the Liaditas that is released on our way.

In my conclusions of the last 2K NBA that I analyzed in this house, the NBA 2K19, said in reference to what at that time was a set of asphyxian micropayments that with so many distractions around it, it should began to ask where we place the line between what Harvesting of fiction and raw reality . NBA 2K22 continues that line, but presenting ourselves both reality, in the form of incredibly represented and more successful parties than ever; Like fiction, with a fantasy world where Jake of State Farm or the Adidas representative is a figure as important as your coach. Choosing which side the game falls on this occasion continues to depend on whoever plays it, and there are sufficient reasons for praising it; But if we are going to continue with this trend until it breaks the rope, it is at least at least hoped that the execution is up to its legacy. And this year, although it hurts, the separation between the undisputedly good and the shamefully poor is too short to continue obviarating it.

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