NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 3 Responses

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2K22 Episode 3 Replies – NBA 2KTV is an original series that Visual Concepts made available for the first time in NBA 2K15. It is available to see it both in the game and on the Official Youtube channel of NBA 2K.

The program covers almost everything related to the NBA 2K and NBA games, with interviews with developers and Players of the NBA equally. It also highlights NBA 2K players and covers events such as the Road to The Final Tournament at 2K Pro-AM. Several episodes have also revealed curiosities about upcoming games, including the addition of more retro equipment, improvements in the game and other progress. It is a great addition that keeps people stuck to the game even when they are not playing.

Now that NBA 2K22 is here, we all know what that means. A new season of 2ktv. We arrived at season 8 of 2KTV . It is surprising how far this series has arrived.

NBA 2K22 – 2KTV Episode 3 Replies

Each episode of 2ktv launches a couple of questions to the players. And if they manage to answer them, they get 100-200 VC in exchange. If you ask me, this is one of the best ways to win a free VC. Then, if you play NBA 2K22, you must definitely do it every week. Let s take a quick look at the answers of 2KTV episode 3:

Choose any response
The game
Choose any response
Sea court
Choose any response

6 weeks
Choose any response
Kelly Tripucka
John Stockton
Ten cents time
Russell Westbrook
Choose any response
JRue vacation
Choose any response

10 GREATEST Players Of All Time ACCORDING To NBA 2K20
Make sure you are pressing the indications of the correct buttons. That is the only way to confirm your response. You will be rewarded with 100-200 VC immediately followed by a green mark, if your answer is correct. Some questions give you a very short time window, so try to answer them as quickly as possible. My recommendation would be, open this article on your phone and keep answering the questions.

Heke a look at season 8 of 2KTV, Episode 3:

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