PS plus in October 2021 These are the three new free

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Sony has officially made the new PlayStation Plus title for October 2021 via Blog entry . In the new month are PS4 games and a PS5 exclusive title. The leaks have been true again this time:

Bright Let Loose (PS5)
Mortal Combat X (PS4 / PS5)
PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4 / PS5)

When are the PS plus games available in October 2021 in PS Store? The new games are available from Tuesday, 5th October 2021 in the PS Store. The activation usually takes place around the lunchtime, so around 12 o clock. We will update this product, as soon as the games go online.

What games of the October-LineUps are worthwhile? As always, we give you a brief overview of the new games of the PlayStation Plus bid, so you can decide whether the download is worthwhile for you or not.

Bright Let Loose

Platform : PS5
Genre : Multiplayer shooter

That s why it s time: In the multiplayer shooter bright LET LOOSE is for you in World War II. Up to 100 players inside are battles to four square kilometers. You are not only on foot, together with the infantry you are also available to tanks and aircraft.

This makes the game especially: In addition to shooter action, Bright Let Loot also supplies you a strategic element. For example, you have to worry about supplies and make garrison and outposts to keep your conquered areas.

Mortal Kombat X

Platform: PS4 (+ PS5 thanks to backward compatibility)
officially made rating: 87

That s why it s time: In the beating game Mortal Kombat X , you are back in Arenas against other teammates inside or the KI with blows, kicks, blocks and throws. As known for the series, the finishers are extremely brutal to: blood splashes, body are divided and torn extremities. Each fighter has three different styles, between which you can choose to adapt the characters to your game style.

More about Mortal Kombat X can you read in our test:

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Mortal Kombat X in the test – predicate: extensive violence representation

PGA Tour 2K21

Platform: PS4 (+ PS5 thanks to backward compatibility)
Genre: Sport simulation
Metacritung score: 76

That s why it s about: In the Golf Simulator PGA Tour 2K21 you can swing the golf club again and compete against other professional players in the career mode around the FedExcup. In multiplayer mode, you can also prove to up to three other players in your skills.

Get the PS plus games for September

Until the new PS plus games go online for the month of October, you can still secure the games for September. Here you will find the overview of the free September games:

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PS plus in September 2021: These are the three new free games for PS4 and PS5

Snaps the PS Plus Collection for PS5

If you have not yet hit: Anyone who has a paid PS plus subscription and bought a PS5, also gets all 20 ps4 titles in the context of the PS Plus Collection . Play the Next Gen Console.

All 20 games in the video: The lower trailer shows you which 20 games you get thanks to PS plus for PS5:

PS Plus for PS4 and PS5 – Is the subscription worth?

The PS plus games can only be downloaded with an active PlayStation Plus subscription without additional costs. If you are not a PS plus member and now ask you if a subscription is worth it at all, then you will find all the important questions and answers in our big PS plus-FAQ: Here we will give you the benefits, prices and all other PS plus info more accurately.

What do you think of PS Plus-lineup in October 2021?

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