We change the appearance of coming pl and we need your help

Swords of Tales (Chinese: 古剑奇谭; Chinese: 古劍奇譚; pinyin: Gu Jian Qi Tan) is a 2014 Chinese tv collection based on the role-playing computer game Gu Jian Qi Tan created by Shanghai Aurogon. It broadcast on Hunan TV from 2 July to 25 September 2014.

Visual changes to coming.pl are coming.

Your beloved and one of a kind portal will soon pass the cosmetic metamorphosis. We will introduce a new layout (bright + dark) and general improvements to the page, thanks to which everyday moving on the site should be easier and even more pleasant.

We have already embraced all basic things, but we still need help from outside. It is known that the watchful eye of users will get much more than someone who sits in this from the center.

Stick under this address and say what you think about it:

https: //staging.coming.pl/

All suggestions, bugs or proposals for change report to the test-layout channel (on our discord) or email [email protected]

Of course, we do not want to do free testers (like Gameforge for Swords of Legends Online). For the three most active and involved users, we anticipate prizes:

2x BON 100 PLN to G2A
1x BON 50 PLN to G2A

Remarks regarding the test environment:

\ – Passwords should work from the main portal

\ – You can not log in FB. If someone logged in earlier, FB is enough to make a password reset

\ – You can not log in by Steam

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