New movies and series on Disney 3 highlights for the movie evening

It s Halloween! At least almost, after all, October is also known as Halloween Season, to the streaming providers like Disney + like to take one or the other gruse strip into the program. We have three highlights – not just horror! – For you, who appear on Disney + this month.

Black Widow

Black Widow is available from 6 October for all subscribers from Disney + for free in the stream. So far, you can only see the Marvel movie in the cinema or in the paid VIP subscription of Disney +. So if you have been waiting, the time has come to stream now!

With Black Widow Natasha Romanoff finally gets her deserved feature film off the Avenger series. He leads you to the past between the Film Avenger: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity was, with Black Widow being caught by her brutal past. In addition to details about Natasha Romanoff s life, you also get to know your family – thus your sister, which may be playing a role in future Marvel movies and series.

Streaming Black Widow from 6th October on Disney +.

Just Beyond

A little mystery, a bit of grusel and lots of fantasy: Just beyond is Disney s new schauernthology, which deep into the fantastic stories of R.L. Stine dips. As a reminder: R.L. Stine is the inventor of goosebumps books and is one of the most successful horror authors worldwide.

Just Beyond could thus be the perfect series for a comfortable scary, which is likely to be suitable for horror beginners. Each episode showed another history of the authors, including parallel worlds, witches, ghosts and supernatural phenomena.

Streams Just Beyond from October 13 to Disney +.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If there is a perfect classic to Halloween (next to the Halloween movies), then it s The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Not? One reason sure why Disney + takes the horror musical in October into the program. If you do not know the movie yet: In the grusel comedy, a freshly fiancee couple stays in the forest and is looking for help in a bizarre house with even more bizarre residents. A must for every movie and gruselfan!

Streams The Rocky Horror Picture Show from October 29 at Disney +.

Disney + has extended its own program since release by several films and series of all genres and has become a strong competitor of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. By the way, this also applies to classics and older films – many of them can be found at Disney +, if you are looking for them.

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