AC Valhalla Discovery Tour contains exclusive rewards and Ubisoft gives a taste

Tomorrow the time has come, then players can not only playfully immerse playfully, but also historically into the world of the Vikings. On October 19, 2021, the Discovery Tour appears: The age of the Vikings , in which we can learn more about the culture and lifestyle in the Viking age.

The Gladiator Arena - Assassin's Creed Origins Discovery Tour

However, the mode will not only approach the history of the Vikings, but also provide exclusive rewards for Assassins s Creed Players. Publisher Ubisoft gives a taste of the upcoming items.

Sneak PEEK to the Discovery Tour Rewards

What a reward will give it? How the graphic on Twitter is to be found in the rewards largely be a cosmetic items. For example, we can look forward to new tattoos, objects for the settlement and designs for horse, ravens and our ship. But also a new armament set and a sword are there:

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What is the Discovery Tour? The mode is playing like an interactive museum. Here you have to fulfill the quest of the NPCs to get the exclusive rewards and learn more about the historical epoch. Also AC ODYSSEY and AC Origins already had a discovery tour mode, but they played a bit more linear through the prefabricated routes than now in Valhalla.

How do I get the Discovery Tour? All owners inside by Assassin s Creed Valhalla will automatically receive the Discovery Tour at no extra cost. An independent version for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S will follow in early 2022. A more accurate date did not reveal Ubisoft yet.

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This follows after the Discovery Tour

A few weeks ago Ubisoft published an Assassin s Creed Valhalla-Roadmap for autumn 2021. After the Discovery Tour follow the patch 1.4.0 and a new, time-limited festival. The Oskoreia Festival addresses the wild hunt that had a great appearance in The Witcher 3. However, how exactly the wild hunt in Assassin s Creed Valhalla is still unclear.

How do you find the rewards of the Discovery Tour?

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