Assassin s Creed Rumor Filters the first details about the next game

A new ssassin s creed The rumor is circulating for supposedly filtering the first details about the next game of the series, Assassin s Creed Infinity . In July, Ubisoft confirmed that he is working on a new assassin s creed game under the key name assassin s creed infinity . Having said that, although Ubisoft confirmed the existence of the game this summer, it had nothing exceptionable to say about the title, which is expected to be a live service game that evolves with time or, in other words, very different from deliveries Previous. . However, that has changed, something like that. While we have no official details about the project, we have a new rumor that has filtered information about the title.

A verified leakage about Reddit states that the game will be quite similar to what IO Interactive has done with Sicario, since the franchise restarted. Meanwhile, it is not the only entrance of the series in process. According to the filtrator, a normal open world Assassin s Creed is also in development.

Although in the early conceptualization and development stages Assassins Creed Infinity is in a state solid enough that I can safely describe what the game will take, said the filter . infinito is inspired by the Helix of Unity. Each entry will be a small linear experience with semi-open world levels such as sicario games and the history of each killer will have multiple missions. Ubisoft also plans to redo and re-count the old. Assassins creed games in infinito . It is still too early to determine what ancient games, if any, they will come again. Finally, a new history will be added over time for an additional cost. Open world Assassins creed will be developed at the same time as infinite . «

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Now, it is usually not worth paying attention to an anonymous filter in Reddit. However, they provided some tests of the mods, according to the mods on the Reddit page, which is a great reason why filtering is receiving more attention than other leakage of its kind. That said, it is important to remember to take everything here with a grain of salt or two. Not only is not it official, but even if it is necessary, it is also subject to change.

At the time of publication, Ubisoft has not addressed this rumor in any way. We do not expect this to change, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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