One player always reigns to master according to a report Sony disclosed

Game Two is a German program produced since 2016 on video and computer games on behalf of radio. It is considered the successor project by Game One, which was discontinued in December 2014. Since September 2, 2021, the shipment will also be broadcast on ZDFNeo starting with episode 216.

The focus has been on multiplayer in recent years. Whole franchises, like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat, are specifically designed with a multiplayer experience in mind and, although they always offer solo campaigns, the vast majority of the attraction for these games is the possibility to play with – or against friends. The world of streaming is dominated by multiplayer experiments such as Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys or Phasmophobia and, even if an expected solo title is always likely to interest many streamers around its exit, it is unlikely to have Resistance compared to something like DAYLIGHT Dead.

Yet, according to a report disclosed by Sony, the solo mode is still booming, and it is always the favorite option of the players, but with warnings:

1- The players did not know how long it would take and avoid playing unless you have several free hours.

2- Players avoided socializing to risk spoilers.

3- If necessary, find help often involved browsing long videos to find what they needed.

4- Players sometimes forget where they are in the game – a problem that is not as common in multiplayer titles.

According to a representative of Sony, in reality, most people have a job. Or children. Or at school. Or all that precedes. Often, free time comes stuck between other obligations. An hour before bedtime. A 30-minute break between homework. A few minutes before your online game (multiplayer). »

The data collected are probably part of the state of mind behind the PlayStation 5 Activities feature, which displays the progress towards the objectives and the time these objectives are likely to take, as well as the possibility of saving short gaming videos. To help others through particularly delicate sections, whether fighting or a delicate puzzle.

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