9 video games that debuted with terrifying bugs

The Efootball crisis can make you believe that the bugs in videogames are something common, and there is something certain about it, but that a game becomes tendency for that, it is not so much. Sometimes they give laughter, others are scared, but the truth is that the programming errors are a show worth seeing, after all, they usually challenge the laws of physics and even logic.

Causes can be many. Sometimes, development teams do not end up adapting to a new graphic engine; Sometimes, the games are so complexes that the quality passes to the second term; The lack of time is usually another one of those responsible; And a mixture of all the above can also cause memorable bugs.

With this in mind, and making a toast for the future of Efootball, then we explore our memories in search of some of the games that debuted with the more unforgettable Bugs (and terrifying).

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Assassin s Creed Unity

Paradoxically, Unity still stays like one of Assassin s Creed s deliveries with a better graphic section of the saga but at the time, it was the canvas for some unforgettable abominations, among which, the more horrifying was a translucent face I only had eyes and teeth.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

From strange contortions, passing by flying mammoths and dragons that furrowed the sky upside down, Skyrim was so complex that, in the long run, its backup caused problems of performance, for not mentioning a plethora of imperfections, But despite this, it became a classic.

Fallout 76.

As if it were not enough with the controversy caused by its business model, FallOut 76 debuted plagued by technical problems, such as destroyed textures, performance anomalies, distorted character models, broken animations and a long, lengthy and so on. Today, the game is in much better state, it is necessary to qualify.


A BioWare It did not come well moving to the engine FrostBite, and when it came time to launch its first game with this technology, the result was dreadful with heads that turned on its own axis, uncontrolled teleports, Macabre contortions and animations… strangers.


What can be said about Cyberpunk 2077 that has not been said anymore. CD Projekt Red wanted to eat more than what could happen and the result was a disaster that compromised its reputation, built over so many years. But hey, the laughter did not miss (next to obvious cabreo), and his broken city was the scene of all kinds of aberrations.


Pes used to be criticized due to lack of licenses or for outdated interfaces, but never by technical problems. How big was the surprise then by seeing Efootball debut with some of the worst defects that have been seen in a sports game. It should be noted that konami has been alternating between graphic engines and also introduced a new physics system, which probably had something to do with the debacle.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

In addition to some important omissions in its design, Ghost Recon Breakpoint debuted with several Bugs and Glitches, among which were those that prevented the continuity of the game, anomalies of artificial intelligence, etc.. But one of the most memorable mistakes was one that caused the driver from a helicopter to pilot him from outside the cabin.

EA Sports UFC

In general terms, the UFC saga has been free of serious problems throughout its history, however, it shares with Efootball a problem with the simulation of physics in the extremities, which honestly causes more grace than fear… well, Maybe both.

WWE 2K20.

Reason why the saga rested for a year, WWE 2K20 was one of the most disastrous festivals in Bugs in the recent history of videogames. In it, there were all kinds of anomalies, but the most prevalent was textures, both among the fighters, and between the props and the canvas of the quadrilateral. A defect that transformed this sports game into one of psychological horror.

These are neither by far the only games that have come to the market with errors, but those that we have freshest in memory and also those who have caused us the stranger mix between hilarity and terror. Of course, there are games that, more than with programming errors, go on sale with pairing problems, servers, etc. But that s a separate story. Do not hesitate to share the memories that you have about terrifying bugs.

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