Assassin s Creed Infinity hat Online

The next large Ubisoft project not only employs the playership, but also its own investors. With Assassin s Creed Infinity work two Ubisoft studios on a massive online game, which is not known yet many details. However, Ubisoft now revealed some details of the game.

AC Infinity will not be a free2play title

During a so-called Earnings Call, in which Ubisoft presented the financial results of the last quarter, inquisitive investors could provide further demands on coming projects and results.

In the 42nd minute of the conversation, someone asked the question what exactly about Assassin s Creed Infinity and whether it would appear with a free-to-play model. CEO Yves Guillemot answered the question like this:

This game will not be a free-to-play title and there will be numerous narrative elements. It will be a very innovative game, but it will include many items that know the players from other Assassin s Creed parts.

ABO model or fixed price? The exciting question in which form we have to pay for the game has unfortunately not answered Guillemot. But Ubisoft has already shown titles such as Rainbow Six victories for other long-term supports that the company is more likely to set a fixed price with optional Ingame Store.

Infinity still in far away

Unfortunately, Guillemot did not make a closer look at which elements will act. However, all elements should be available directly at the beginning of the game.

When can we expect Infinity? Ubisoft s CFO added that the game is in an early stage of development. This coincides with the statement of Jason Schreier. He claimed that the release should still be for several years away.

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Gigantic online project

What do we already know about Assassin s Creed Infinity? The title should be a big online game, which should evolve with the time through new content. AC Infinity connects multiple settings, so multiple AC games together like a great online hub.

Two studios were involved for the mammoth project. Ubisoft Montreal and Quebec work together on this online game. However, it is not known if Assassin s Creed Infinity is therefore replacing the next singleplayer adventure.

What is Assassin's Creed Infinity?

According to rumors, Ubisoft Sofia works on a smaller series settlers to appear 2022. The studio is characterized mainly for Assassin s Creed Rogue, so it could be that the next Assassin s Creed Part will hit the same style direction.

Would you prefer a subscription model or a fixed price with integrated shop for the online title?

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