Far Cry 6 Fieses Assassin s Creed

A high tower, the call of the eagle, a pile of straw deep below you. This is obviously a description of – no, not Assassin s Creed, but – Far Cry 6. Fans have the Easter Egg on Isla Santuario, the small Eisland the very beginning of the game found and were sure to know what is required here: the death leap, we know series AC by our silent killers from. Unfortunately, it turned out that this Dani draufhat not quite as good.

Easter Egg as a death trap

This is what: Who ever had a Assassin s Creed titles played, knows the death leap. By headlong plunge from an elevated point in a haystack, the protagonist demonstrate inside the Ubisoft series that they have no fear of dying.

Dani from Far Cry 6, it also is a fearless protagonist of a Ubisoft game. But this should not prefer to imitate the feat.

This is the Easter Egg: On the Isla Santuario there is a scene that seems as if the development team forgot to clear away the backdrop of an Assassin s Creed game. We can climb a stone tower, is received by the call of an eagle and see a haystack among us. That fans since tempted to jump no wonder.

What s this? A trophy, perhaps? No, unfortunately, only death. At least if you do not have much luck. Dani is just guerrillas and no assassin, or no assassin.

Here you can watch, run out as the thing:

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Easter Eggs You Never Knew Existed!

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fans fall for Easter Egg

On the Internet several videos that show fans how they re going to the Easter Egg on the glue circulating. However, some have this happiness and escape death. For example, WhoAmIIamNo1 wrote on Reddit under the video post:

I did exactly the same and I am sure that this is an easter egg. I had that I was only on the ground and an NPC has revived me happiness.

Dissident88 also points out that Ubisoft would get more out of this little nod to:

Missed opportunity. I had made a success of the Wrong Game is.

Whether Ubisoft has probably anticipated that find their death at this point many game end? It would have been nice if there had been a success for this inside joke. On ideas for a name, it certainly is not missing. Other fans suggest other titles such as Old habits.

Have you discovered the Easter Egg and thrown to you from the tower? Or you had it done at least if you were came across it?

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