Fortnite The Skin of El Chapulin Colorado arrives at the game store how to get it

The Skin of Chapulin Colorado It comes today for the first time to the fortnite store, in a fun and surprising collaboration, which will delight the fans of the mythical television character, whom we have already seen in other games as in FIFA.

The store, which contains the current Skins to buy in Fortnite, is divided into two parts: the Featured Items part, which contains generally rare and expensive items and, in general, are forty-eight hours in the store. The second part are objects of the day : it always contains two sets, two animations, a glider and a peak. The items in this category are less rare and less expensive and will only remain in the store for twenty-four hours.

Epic Games Sent Me The FULL El Chapulín Colorado Bundle! (El Chapulín Colorado x Fortnite Gameplay)

General information

The fortnite store is an online store that is available every day in Fortnite Battle Royale and offers new cosmetic items to use in the game. The items that are offered in the store are strictly decorative and do not offer benefits in the game.

There are four types of items in the store:

Athends that change the appearance of the character you are controlling.
Gankers who change the appearance of the parachute that you use to descend on the map.
Collect elements that change the appearance of the peak that your character uses by entering the game and that allows them to destroy the scenario and collect resources.
Emotes, which are animations that your character can perform when he orders it.
The animations can consist of a simple movement of the hand, an acrobatics or a dance. Each animation has its own sound effects and almost all dances are accompanied by their own melody.

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