We will wait for a long time

Palia is a new MMO standing out on the market among other production. Mainly by their Pacifist approach to the game, which will be almost completely devoid of a system of struggle. Created by Studio Singularity 6, which is composed of former Blizzard, Riot Games and Zynga. So you can expect a good quality game.

Turning Page - Sleeping At Last (Lyrics) / “ I’ve waited a hundred years”

Palia will not rely on the grinding of monsters, fish farming or killing other players. The combat system will practically not exist. Instead, we will focus… on the construction and decorating houses, work in gardens, cooking, discovering the secrets of the world or mainly establishing friendship with other players, which over time can even turn into an affair.

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Recently, the creators conducted the Q & A sessions on their Discord Server, people interested in this title could ask questions and count on the likely reply from the developers.

We are probably curious about what will be the next tests or the release date, unfortunately I do not have a good news for you. Work on the game is still ongoing and there is nothing to count on a quick premiere, we will have a lot to wait. The first alpha was announced for the first quarter of next year, that is somewhere in the January-March period.

You can find more details here.

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