Assassin s Creed Valhalla is getting three strange brand new Tombs to discover according to leaked prizes

Assassin s Creed Valhalla seems obtaining a new kind of area to explore, according to new PlayStation trophies.

First identified by AccesstheAnimus on Twitter (via Eurogamer), both brand-new prizes are connected to something called the Burial places of the Fallen, which don t yet exist in the game. The trophies show up under their own entrance, which might indicate they re connected to a particular DLC dedicated to the new tombs, and are granted for finishing one as well as 3 burial places respectively, so there ought to be at least a couple of new locations to accessibility.

A new collection of prizes has actually been added to AssassinsCreed Valhalla and it seems to entail an upcoming item of material called Tombs of the Fallen ! Considering it entails a minimum of three burial places to explore, could this be the official name for the Odin Runes committed content? 2, 2021

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There s no word on what the burial places are connected to, yet Access the Bad blood says that multiple locations can suggest a linkup with the Odin Runes, a set of tricks spread throughout the video game s map. Ubisoft states that they do indicate something, but that players will not have actually been able to exercise specifically what right now, as at the very least one piece of the puzzle is being maintained deliberately concealed. Other fans have suggested that they might be connected to previous Assassins, in a comparable method to those Ezio explored in Assassin s Creed 2.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Secret Hidden Ones Tomb And Deciphered Code - Magister Vitus

Two DLC bundles for Valhalla have actually already introduced, dedicated to Ireland and France, respectively, however while a 3rd – apparently entitled Dawn of Ragnarok and connected to the Viking realm of Muspelheim – has actually been datamined, Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal it. It s feasible that the strange tombs might be linked to a 3rd DLC pack, but if that holds true, it s a little weird that the new prizes would certainly show up under their very own access.

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