Lol x fortnite The union of the two fashion games is a reality

What seemed an immense madness A few years ago it becomes reality pure and hard: League of Legends and Fortnite will collaborate together for the first time in its history on the occasion of the Arcane series. It will be jinx the champion that will come to the island of the Royale Battle of Epic Games in the coming days. It has been through a video as it has been presented to the crack shooter of the invoker very similar to how the Moba of the American developer arrived: the unleashed madness where the protagonist of the series appears next to the rockets of his definitive and being The most macarra of the place.

The ARCANE jinx attire will be available at the items store, as well as other additional cosmetics from the ensemble of the animated series inspired by the Lore of League of Legends. We will have at our disposal several articles of the shooter like the toy monkey of it in the form of backpack, a hammer that Jinx has baptized as Pum Pum. In addition, we can imagine that we are in full patch track lobby music of the playground of the original soundtrack of Arcane. Players will have the option to buy all this with the Arcane Jinx package, which also includes the jinxed spray and two fully exclusive load screens.

Fortnite x League of Legends - Official Arcane Jinx Teaser Trailer

Thus, it is confirmed once and for all one of the most anticipated collaborations of recent years, since join two games that have completely marked a whole generation thanks especially to content creators and tournaments Formed around these entertainment giants. It is not the only place where Jinx will appear, since Pubg Mobile confirmed the collaboration of it, as well as the events of all Riot Games games and gigantic ads around the world.

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