Julian Nagelsmann about his relationship with Christian prank

We wanted to avoid a direct competitor mandatory how to lose again against Frankfurt before the last break. In the first minutes we did it well, then we did a little hard, because Freiburg has squeezed well, but we are Already in the first half, I believe, left ten or twelve broken and have come extremely often in the sixteen. In the end, the two goals god was grabbed, Julian Nagelsmann explained after the game at Sky.

The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann - From Youth Player To Star Coach
Leon Goretzka, who had taken the Muncher in the 30th minute, saw this almost congruent: We played against a good team. It was a top game, which one has seen too. It has also seen how important such a thing 2: 0 is. That was ultimately crucial, even if we had many chances.

Nagelsmann and the good relationship to prank

To meet with the over 20 years older Christian prank on Freiburg side, Nagelsmann said, given the soil of much respect between the two coach colleagues, with a wink, during the game, we prefer to scream the other people on the other bank, Because we want to keep our good relationship.

Stretch had already praised over the batch in the highest tones over the Bavaria coach: Julian is a natural talent, an extraordinary coach. That does not often exist, especially not at the age. He will determine the coaching position for many years.

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