Atsumori real event will be held in Sendai More than 80 kinds of salacana and seafood and Johnny will also cause johnny somewhere in the venue

Nintendo announced that it will be held at the Sendai UMI Mizuki, which imaged the world view of the At sushi Animal More Forest for Nintendo Switches.

This event changed some contents of Sakai Island Sea Living Things held at Yokohama, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise this summer this year. More than 80 kinds of Maracan√£ and seafood appearing in the game are specially exhibited, Foot commentary comments, original commentary panels by the aquatic family of aquariums are also arranged. It will be a great opportunity to be able to observe the Susana and seafood in the game realistically.

Besides, diving experiences to wear a marine suite directly with a corner that directly touches the sea living and a marine suite. In addition, Johnny is drifting somewhere in the field. Let s look for it.

The holding period is from November 16 to January 10, the next year. Please check the official page for details of the event and how to purchase tickets.

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