Pok mon fan becomes viral with the incredible cosplay of Ash and Charizard

After Pikachu, Harvard could be the most associated Pokémon with Ash Ketchup. While the fire / flight type was the main responsible for the Loss of Ash in the Indigo League, the two formed a narrow link that continues in more recent seasons of the program. The British Cosplayer @ Littlejem4 played with the link between the two at the MCM Comic with Birmingham last month. While your Ash costume offered a great resemblance, the design of Harvard really stole the show. The disguise perfectly captures the appearance of Harvard of the Games and anime, but the incorporation of a bright red mouth with smoke widely put it over everything.

A video of @ Littlejem4 showing the design at MCM Comic with can be found on the Tweet embedded below. Readers can find additional design videos on the cosplayer TikTok. Right here.

The lack of will of Harvard to listen to Ash in the first episodes of the program was one of the defining elements of his relationship. @ Littlejem4 even reproduced that dynamic in a TikTok video in which he tries to put Harvard in a Poke Ball, just for him quickly away! Ash finally managed to listen to Harvard when he faced the champion of the Orange League, Drake, but clearly those first episodes were the inspiration for @ Littlejem4, and probably the most remembered by Pokémon fanatics!

While Harvard can be the most impressive design of @ Littlejem4, the Cosplayer has shared other incredible designs inspired by video games. The Cosplayer has posted costume designs based on Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy Vii is FIFA, and much more! It takes a lot of talent to do this kind of thing, with innumerable hours dedicated to the trade. Harvard has clearly exploited for the cosplayer, which has literally validate millions of visits in TikTok. It is not clear what the future will hold for @ Littlejem4, but maybe I can go to Venus and Blasting, then!

Pokemon Tik Tok Compilation

What do you think of this cosplay of Ash and Harvard? Are you impressed with these designs? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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