Newest Guild Wars 2 Update Adds Requested Toggle for Visual Effects and Fixes WvW Ahead of New Beta

The most up-to-date update for Guild Wars 2 has actually added a requested attribute for toggling off visual effects of Legendary trinkets, made some repairs to World vs. World, as well as presented some total gloss for the rest of the game.

For a while, visual effects when you equipped legendary trinkets Transcendence, Vision, and also Aurora were not able to be altered. This week s update presents a toggle for these trinkets. It includes an upgrade from the team as to exactly how they obtained below. Since the majority of the team is hard at the workplace on the End of Dragons growth that s getting here in February, they realized that it would have taken a lot of time, but somebody on the engineering team had the ability to locate a brand-new method that didn t require as much time or effort. So the toggle is currently live.

Fixes to World vs. World include patching exploits that allowed you to put siege tools in generate places. A pip reward for new gamers place 1 to 149 has actually been added as well as the variety of pips for suit placement has actually likewise increased.

On the planet, events during Dragon storm will certainly now not honor involvement to non-active gamers. Dragon storm likewise has a rise in the minimal involvement called for to receive completion benefits. Take part and also appreciate your rewards. Say goodbye to loafers. Wellness scaling for non-champion opponents for a player over one in Dragon Feedback missions has been minimized. As well as changes to Forging Steel are meant to make things a little simpler.

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Overall, the changes are mostly sensible. With the prepared overhaul to World vs. World coming, and a brand-new beta examination arranged for next week, making some tweaks to make points run much better now while preparing for the future seems like a good action.

For the complete upgrade notes see this message on the Guild Wars 2 website.

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