the first videos are filtered gameplay of GTA The Trilogy

One day before its launch, RockS tar has not yet published any video with gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, the expected remasterization of the three series games published on PS2. However, three filtered videos (available on YouTube, at the moment, and that you can see under these lines) show the first moving images of GTA III and Vice City, two of the three games included in the collection.

In the videos (we find in NGC) you can see in motion the improvements that we had only been seen in static images. Also, some additions, such as the wheel of weapons, and some apparent absences, expected but not least painful, such as the lack of Billie Jean in the soundtrack; In the absence of first-hand checking, it is likely that these new versions have the same cuts (by subject of licenses, rights and others) that the reissues that have been leaving so far.

MASSIVE CHANGES! GTA Trilogy: The Definition Edition - Remastered VS Original Graphics Comparison!

But let s go to the grain: down here are the videos.

Announced last month, this trilogy collects, with visual improvements and other playable additions, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, three crucial games to understand the evolution of open world games. It will be published both in PC and consoles, included switch; Elderly, tomorrow the Saint Andreas remastered will be added to the Game Pass catalog in Xbox, and the same will happen with GTA III and PlayStation Now as of December 7.

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