Then I realized RB Leipzig becomes first

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In my column yesterday, we looked at the favorites from the North West Division of the NBL Club Championship. My three leader were VFL Bochum, SV Welder Bremen and the 1st FC Cologne. Today is the South East Division on it. One thing in advance: as high as in the North-West Division, the competition is not here.

RB Leipzig (BLZ Gaming)

Last season, you were the biggest favorite on the title. Sovereign, NBL has gained the first place in the South-East Division with 24 points ahead of the later master from Dagenham.

Even with the subsequent final tournament, it looked good at first: first in the group and thus a good starting position for the K.O.-Phase. There, however, was right against FC St. Pauli in the Golden-Goal. Nevertheless: BLZ played the most constant season of all teams.

UMT secured the NBL championship last year. Imago images / motivic

UMT was unbeaten over the entire season and was accordingly the clear MVP. He could then win the individual championship of the Virtual Bundesliga and still reward himself for this unbelievably strong season. With this line-up, NBL is still the clear favorite, right?

Actually, but in recent years, it has been shown that also functioning teams from the preseason can bring a certain residual risk. Difficulties can arise if one of the players is not in shape, for example.

But I have to say that both have been slightly linked after FIFA 20 of their shape.

Dr. Organ About Timor and Vogel from FC Ingolstadt

Many of you will be ESPORTS enthusiasts. That s why I have to go to other Verging and its 525-0 in the FIFA 21 Weekend League probably not great.

Are you also interested in topics related to North West Games?

Probably by far the best player from FIFA 21 season will celebrate this season His mandatory debut for RB Leipzig. But it remains to be seen how often he comes to use, because: actually he lives in Denmark, is 15 years young and would have to be in Leipzig on every match day. Is there the above-sought residual risk? I do not think so.

In addition, Ben BLZ Bette has enforced chain bow via the BLZ Scouting Days. With BLZ LENA they form the numbers four and five. Coach of the team is Daniel Fear.

Severed Bulls' Heads & Hatred: The REAL Story of RB Leipzig

The South East Division will definitely finish you the first to finish, because I arrive. In the subsequent final tournament, everything can happen due to the format, but the squad is definitely extremely strong and is probably due to everything.

FC Ingolstadt

The Scanner are back in the 2nd Bundesliga and thus give her comeback in the VB LCC.

The four-man squad consists of Thomas on, GG Benny, Kingfisher and Timor. The former has not yet come up with such a strong appearance, the latter are FIFA veterans. Vogel belonged to the best players worldwide in FIFA 18 and won the DFB EPOCHAL in the preseason with Celtic Worms / B360.

Since FIFA 15, Timor cares with its big list of successes for a stir. Three times Vice world champion and twice German masters speak for themselves. But I have to say that both have been slightly attributable since FIFA 20 of their shape. With the results, especially on an international stage, players of this class can not be satisfied.

How good are the Scanner? FC Ingolstadt

FIFA 22 seems to be good, even in 2VS2. This mode has been an important element since the first season of the VB LCC. In the Duo they achieved the 2nd place last week at the first 2VS2 Black Cup.

Timor could already show his strength in 1VS1 with good performances. In his cup victory of the NGC Cup he defeated u.a. Andes Verging in the semifinals.

The FCI will get second place in the South East Division and thus solve the ticket for the final tournament. What happens then will show. A semi-final is definitely trusted this team.

TSG Cofferdam

At the third favorite from the South-East Division, I have actually been difficult: Bertha BSC Berlin, TSG Cofferdam and the FC Augsburg are pretty at eye level, but I would easily see the TSG in front.

In the past season, they celebrated their debut in the Virtual Bundesliga and reached the final tournament. The squad has remained the same, accordingly the Signalmen is a similarly strong season to suit.

TAS team of the TSG. TSG Cofferdam

The two main players bassinet and Lukas 1004 go to their fourth NBL season. So far, both consistently have shown good performance in the NBL. Lukas has been able to attend itself internationally in recent years. He had his best season in FIFA 20: PS4-Vizemeister at the Fut Champions Cup IV, Top 4 at the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga Single Championship and would not have been the pandemic, then he would have likely to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

The team is completed by Plague, Bit0911 and BundesligaProfi Mynas Dabber. The TSG Cofferdam will reach third place in the south-east division and duel in the final chance match against the fourth from the North-West Division. Last season, they were able to prevail against Bayern 04 Leverkusen, whether it succeeds this year, remains questionable. The fourth from the North-West Division will certainly be an equal opponent.

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