Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress QuickStart guide for frost

The Frost Sphere sorceress is one of the most popular characters to your journey into the world of Diablo to start 2 Resurrected. With very little investment in objects it is able Handrail, Mephisto and periosteum to destroy some of the most popular early solo Farming bosses, literally. With a decent level of Increased casting speed and the use of the skill Teleport you come quickly to these bosses. The Blizzard Sorceress, in English also known as Blitz Sort is a bit difficult to play with their relatively low survivability in some stages, but what can be compensated by the energy shield quite well.

This build caused by using freeze-sphere cold damage, a great form of crowd control, as he cools mobs or freezes what she is staying either slowed or completely. However, it does not work well with opponents who are cold immune. The main damage to these types of monsters comes from Static Field and your mercenaries.

Table of contents

  1. 1Vor- and disadvantages of freeze-sphere-enchantress
  2. 2The starter Build

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  2. 2.2Attribute
  3. 3Ausrüstung
  4. 4Söldner
  5. 5Gameplay
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Advantages and disadvantages of freeze-sphere-enchantress

Very good boss Farmer ✔
Very good ladder starter Build ✔
Fast-paced style ✔
Can much magic Fund bonuses stack ✔
Many Endgame Equipment options ✔

❌ Very vulnerable
❌ Slowly against cold immune opponents
❌ habituation needy playing style
❌ Specific Zauberrate- breakpoints are crucial
❌ damage (solo) decreases with increasing number of players

The starter Build


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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The skills of the starter Frost sphere builds on character level 75 (Skill Bonuses normal / nightmare / hell-quests included) Source: Equipment Sets 1 point each in the following skills one:

Static Field
ice sheet
Frost Nova
Glacial Spike

Maximizes the following skills in order:


[GUIDE] Diablo 2 Resurrected - BLIZZARD SORCERESS - One of the Best Starting Builds for Magic Find!
Ice Bolt
Cold control (up to level 13 (80%))
Energy Shield


Strength: enough points to carry your kit
Dexterity: enough points to carry your kit
Vitality The rest of the points


The following equipment includes Ladder -Runenwörter that will be unlocked but because of their popularity, according to Blizzard in Diablo 2 Resurrected for the first time in single player and multiplayer mode (Battle.net). The same is true recipes for -Horadrimwürfel ladder Unique and.

Helm: 2-socket helmet with runes word tradition (place + Sol)
Armor: 2-socket armor with runes word stealth (Tail + ETH)
shield 3-base-sign with rune word oath of ancestors (Ran + location + Valley)
Weapon: 4-socket sword with spirit -Runenwort (Valley + Thus + location + AMN)
gloves, belts, boots: Focus on MANA / MANA regenerate / Life / resistance (for example, by Craft items for wizards)
amulet rings, Magic: Focus on Sorceress skills, Faster Cast Rate, MANA / Regenerate MANA / Life / resistance (for example, by Craft items for wizards) and magic in the inventory

The frost-sphere-sorceress relies heavily on skill bonuses and faster cast rate (for Teleport). This equipment represents the minimum that you need in order to build to play effectively. +3 and more to all skills and overall faster cast rate you can easily reach many areas in difficulty Hell farms. The Rune word Shield provides enough resistance, any gaps covers her about the rest of the equipment and / or spell from the inventory. In addition, you should take a second for the weapon slot a wand with cargoes get the Necromancer curse-resistance loss for cold-resistant / -immune monster.


type: Act 2 Desert mercenaries (offensive) from the difficulty nightmare with power-Aura
equipment Helm of Tail Rash sets (essential) 3-socket armor and Rune word betrayal (Shall + Thus + LEM), (essential) 4 -socket Pole arm and Rune word insight (Ran + Air + valley + Sol)

Recommended is the power Aura version because it allows the mercenaries to independently cope with opponents who are immune to your main sources of damage cold. Otherwise, your Mercenary tank and a meditation source (faster MANA regenerate). The helmet of Tail Rash sets provides a high degree of survivability of the mercenary.


Diablo 2 Resurrected: The massive Frost damage area holds non-cold-immune opponents at bay Source: Equipment

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